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About Us

What is Triangle Fraternity? At the University of Michigan, Triangle is a community of various students, centered around its chapter home and its core values. The members strive for the balanced lifestyle and forge lifelong friendships along the way. At the national level, Triangle Fraternity is an organization that seeks to develop men as leaders and create a widespread network of individuals dedicated to personal growth, brotherhood, and their professional interests.

Each member joins Triangle for a different reason, but every member is able to find an atmosphere which fosters friendship and academic, social, and professional growth.

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Finding your place at college is a struggle everyone has, especially here at Michigan. Our university is one of the largest in the United States, and there are so many opportunities available in all sorts of forms. There’s so much to take in; the academics, sports, clubs, and more; and it was so overwhelming for me, however, I was determined to find my place amongst the 40,000 students that our campus holds. Even with this drive to find where I would fit in, I never thought that place would be a fraternity, but here I am writing this address to you all as President.

I remember my first couple weeks on campus, I was so focused on trying to join clubs, project teams, along with meeting everyone in my dorm and classes, and it all felt a bit forced. I built up this precept for myself that I would do everything I possibly could and meet some of my best friends doing this, but in the end I was just checking off a checklist of things I wanted to try while not actually getting deeply involved in anything.  I met so many people, but none of the connections I made felt genuine or lasting. That’s when I received a text from a brother in Triangle fraternity inviting me to a rush event.

I had no idea what “Greek Life” even was, but I decided to hedge my bets and go anyway. I walked up to a house I would eventually call home at 1501 Washtenaw Ave, and was surrounded by some of my closest friends, except I didn’t know it yet. I remember talking to all the brothers and every conversation I had was so effortless. Every brother I met that day was so unique and genuine, and soon enough I found myself coming back to the house to hang out with the brothers and eventually accept my very own bid.

Joining Triangle was the best choice I ever made at Michigan. The experiences I’ve had, and all the lifelong friendships I formed would have never been possible. Not only would I miss out on these friendships and experiences, but I also would miss out on the personal growth I’ve made over my course of being a brother at Triangle. Everyone around you is supporting you, pushing you to be your best self, while also encouraging you to not be afraid to be yourself. I have found myself excelling in all parts of my life, academically, socially, mentally, and physically all in part due to the men who I am proud to call my brothers.

As President, I will continue to foster a welcoming environment for all potential new members looking for a community and brotherhood to become a part of. This fraternity is so special to me, and I know that you will feel the same way when you decide to rush and accept a bid, just as I did. If you are interested in our fraternity in any way at all, do not be afraid to come to a rush event or reach out to me or another brother to find out what Triangle is all about. We all look forward to meeting you.

- Max Rucker

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